Interesting Facts

Phuket is an island in Thailand that just so happens to be the largest one there. Many people visit Phuket for it's incredible ocean and beautiful wildlife. Phuket has breathtaking coral reefs that you can see by snorkeling and scuba diving. Also, Phuket holds about 360,905 inhabitants of the island. In 2004, Phuket suffered from a greatly from a tsunami that hit on December 26th. When you go to Phuket be sure to look at the effects of the tsunami.


Transportation to Phuket can be pricy depending on where you live because the only way you can get there is by plane or a boat. Getting there by plane is more efficiant than by boat, so I would recomend going by plane. It takes around 21 hours and 45 minutes or more to get there by plane from the Atlanta International Airport. To get around in Phuket you can either rent a car or motorbike, or you can use buses and taxis. Some high rated car rentals are Avis, Pure Car Rent, and Nina's Cars. Bus stations include Old Phuket Bus Terminal, Phuket Transfers, Phuket Bus Terminal 2.


Phuket Thailand stays warm all throughout the year. It stays at about 80 degrees Fahrenheight. The hotteset month in Phuket is March reaching up to an average of 83 degrees and high of 93 degrees. April is considered the best month to go swimming because the ocean water is at a nice temperature of 86 degrees and nine hours of daily sunshine. The coldest month in Phuket is January with an average temperature of 81 degrees. The month with the most rain is September with an average of 400mm of rain.