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Spiderman is a fictional superhero in Marvel Comics. Spiderman's real name is Peter Parker and was an orphan that was raised by his Aunt May and Uncle Ben in Forest Hills, New York City after his parents died in a plane crash. Peter Parker was bit by a spider and was given the power to have super stregth and the ability to cling to surfaces. Then he invneted web shooters which were devices on his wrist that shot spider webs. Click here to learn more about Spider-Man.


Powers and Abilities

Friends and Enemies


Mary Jane Watson-Parker
Mary Jane Watson- Parker was Spiderman's wife. She was also his best friend.
Bobby Drake
Bobby Drake was the Iceman. He was one of the main characters of the comics and has a former team, the X-Men.
Angelica Jones
Angelica Jones was the Firestar. Firestar was on a team, X-Men, and dated Spiderman a few times.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark was the Iron Man. Tony Stark was apart of the Avengers and was a central character in Spiderman.


The Beetle
The Beetle stole a detection device and a Power Booster invneted by Tony Stark. The Beetle was the first villian that the Spider-Friends faced together.
Brotherhood of Mutants
Brotherhood of Mutants were arrested and put in jail in the epidode "The Prison Plot." The Spider-Friends demanded to release them from jail.
Electro was the main villain in Spider-Man. One of Electro's plans was to use videoman to suck and trap Spider-Man.